No Need to be Glum: A Rainy Weekend in Stockholm

Sweden can be rainy sometimes, but that doesn’t effect us. We’ve sent blogger Elisatbeth Rank to Sweden to spend a weekend there and to explore Stockholm’s charming autumn.
During the all-too-short night before my flight, I dreamed of dancing cinnamon pastries, summer temperatures and tame Elks. The reality, as I woke to the sound of the alarm clock at five in the morning, looked pretty different. The darkness and cold sniffed around the streets of Berlin as we got into a taxi to Tegel airport. It took three coffees until I could just about manage to choose a newspaper to read on the plane. With an unexplained bout of optimism, I decided to stay awake during the flight so that I could read. With my “Süddeutsche Zeitung” newspaper and my half-asleep, mumbling friend, we boarded the Lufthansa plane.
The great thing about flying early in the morning is that everybody seems to be much quieter than usual; the people move slowly and don’t push and shove. Considering we’re at an airport, they’re uncharacteristically nice and polite to one another.  Even better than the general mood of sleepiness is the chocolate bear from the Lufthansa breakfast pack and the incomparably amazing view you get of the sunrise, if you can stay awake, unlike around 80% of the other passengers on the flight. At half-past eight, after an hour-long flight, Stockholm greeted us with drizzling rain, temperatures of 8°C and WLAN in the Airport Express.It didn’t stop raining for the next 40 hours, and so the magic of Stockholm was somewhat limited. My tally of hot chocolates drunk was a page long, and I guess you could say that you really shouldn’t make a trip to Stockholm and depend on the weather. The highlights of our 40 hours in the Swedish capital have been complied for you here:

Top 3 – Food & Drink

Hermans: In a small conservatory in the Södermalm district, you can remedy that cold tummy with some excellent warm delicacies. Once you’ve paid for the buffet, the vegetarian and vegan appetite knows no boundaries. Even though you already have a beautiful view over the Stockholm harbour and the “Gröna Lund” theme park, the lovingly decorated cakes and cupcakes are step even closer to heaven.

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Lufthansa wishes you a nice spring weekend.

Lufthansa wishes you a nice spring weekend.