Travelling with children – a relaxed start to the holidays

School’s out at last. Holidays here we come! The whole family is already dreaming about relaxing and having fun on the beach.

In choosing a holiday destination, however, parents of young children should make sure that the flight doesn’t last too long.

Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid unnecessary stress when flying off on holiday:

  • Take your child’s favourite toys with you on the flight, together with something to eat and drink that the child likes and also think about warm clothing – it is generally a bit cooler in the aircraft.
  • To facilitate pressure equalisation in children’s ears during take-off and landing, simply give your baby a dummy or bottle; chewing gum is suitable for older children. If the child has a cold or the sniffles, it is best to administer nasal drops before departure which will help to equalise the pressure in the middle ear.

In order to make travelling as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for families, Lufthansa has introduced a number of different services:

  • Late-night check-in is available for most flights. This is ideal for families in particular, as it saves time on the day of travel.
  • Family check-in areas at Frankfurt, Munich and Cairo airports: this special check-in is easily identifiable by the archway with images of Lu and Cosmo, the two Lufthansa mascots. After checking in your baggage there you will receive a copy of our ‘Family Pilot’ brochure which contains lots of helpful tips about children at the airport.
  • At many airports you can take your buggy/pushchair right up to the aircraft and get it back again directly after landing.
  • On long-haul flights we have travel cots and nappies available for an emergency, for example.
  • There are special children’s menus on board – with colourful, delicious and healthy meals. You can order these directly free of charge when you book any Lufthansa long-haul flight and a number of European flights.
  • To keep your little ones entertained we provide colouring books, jigsaws and children’s films, among other things.

You will find further information on this subject here.

We hope you have a relaxing flight and that you and your family enjoy your holiday together.

Live TV on board: heaven for all sports fans

Especially at big sporting events, as in Brazil currently, it is not only important for dyed-in-the-wool fans to be up to date with all the results. It is even better, of course, when you can follow the games live on TV.  ‘Sport 24’, Lufthansa’s free live TV channel now brings matches right into the aircraft cabin and ensures enthusiastic cheering at an altitude of 10,000 metres.

More and more Lufthansa long-haul aircraft are equipped with the free Lufthansa FlyNet®-Portal. As well as the latest news and Internet access, the portal, through the Live TV channel ‘Sport 24’, offers the opportunity to share the thrill of current sporting events live or to watch a roundup. The channel will be constantly added to by new kinds of sport – the following sporting events are currently being shown among others:

  • Football events from Brazil: all the matches live or time-shifted, including roundups and broadcasts of the highlights
  • German Bundesliga football
  • English Premier League football
  • Formula 1 racing
  • Grand Slam tennis tournaments
  • Selected golf tournaments
  • NFL Superbowl

Sport 24’s current schedule can be found here.

How it works

Depending on the type of aircraft you can either use the Lufthansa FlyNet® portal on your own screen in the seat in front of you or on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop after cruising altitude has been reached.

Lufthansa FlyNet®: surf at an altitude of 10,000 metres

Rio, New York, Cape Town… When you fly with Lufthansa you can disembark from the aircraft anywhere in the world* and be extremely well informed. More than 91% of all Lufthansa long-haul aircraft are now equipped with FlyNet®,the on-board broadband internet service, and with live TV. This means Lufthansa has the biggest internet-enabled long-haul fleet of any airline in the world.

And the trend bears out Lufthansa’s decision to introduce FlyNet®. According to the latest online study by ARD/ZDF (2013), daily internet use by Germans is growing again – up from an average of 133 minutes in 2012 to 169 minutes in 2013. Also particularly noteworthy is the increase in mobile internet use: 41% of Germans are now online when they are on the move. And if they are flying Lufthansa, at an altitude of 10,000 metres too!

It works like this

Once the aircraft has reached cruising height, log in to the FlyNet® portal using your smartphone, tablet or notebook. Here, free of charge, you can catch up on the latest news or check the status of your connecting flight, or you can follow major sporting events on the live TV channel, Sport 24.

imageIf you want to send emails, read the latest Facebook posts or do a bit of online shopping, a Telekom hotspot provides a simple and quick connection. There is a charge for using the Internet service and you can book it either for one hour (€10.95/3,500 award miles) or for 24 hours (€19.95/7,000 award miles). You can pay by credit card, with your Miles & More award miles or through an affiliated roaming partner or an existing Telekom contract.

imageAnd thanks to FlyNet®, when you land at your destination airport you will know the weather in Cape Town, what the traffic is like in Rio or the day’s news in New York.

*With the exception of flights over Chinese airspace.

Mit der Fanhansa zum großen Fußballfest

Fahne, Schminke, Trikot und Fan Tröte - ab 12. Juni sind diese Utensilien für die nächsten Wochen quasi unverzichtbar. Denn dann ist es endlich wieder soweit! Das große Fußballfest in Brasilien beginnt. Und das bedeutet auch: Sich mit Freunden treffen, mitfiebern und hoffentlich viel feiern!

Als Partner und Fan der deutschen Nationalelf wurde ein Teil der Lufthansa Flotte umgestaltet. Einige Maschinen tragen nun den Namen „Fanhansa“. Natürlich muss auf den Langstreckenflügen kein Fan auf die Spiele verzichten, denn fast alle Begegnungen werden auch über den Wolken live übertragen.

Und wer noch kein Ticket nach Brasilien hat, kann mit etwas Glück mit der Fanhansa fliegen. Dazu braucht es vor allem nächtliche Kreativität. Es gibt aber auch weitere lustige Aktionen am Flughafen, an Bord und auf den Social-Media-Kanälen. Für weitere Informationen einfach mal auf vorbeischauen.

Elf Hessen haben es bereits geschafft und fliegen als FFH-Fanhansa Nationalmannschaft nach Brasilien. Was sie dort alles erleben, können Sie ebenfalls auf verfolgen.

Viel Spaß und Glück mit der Fanhansa!

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