#inspiredby #travel

If music makes the world go round, Paul van Dyk is a power turbine. Both restless and reliable, he covers great distances in time and space, finding inspiration everywhere and inspiring others himself: to dance, to rejoice, to be creative.

"A whole new level of inspiration!"

#inspiredby #travel

Over the past few weeks, you’ve had the chance to travel with artists, athletes and our very own crew. It seems that life itself is a journey – filled with new experiences and opportunities to grow while exploring the world. Follow our everyday heroes on their journeys one last time.

#inspiredby #travel

"Travel keeps me alive. Even if it’s just time for a coffee somewhere in Norway." Stefan Hournauer is one of our pursers. He is also a bar owner and a passionate traveler. The world is truly his oyster and there are pearls of inspiration everywhere.

As a Lufthansa pilot, Lars Heurich shoulders a lot of responsibility.  His idea of a time out? The Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. Watch him push past his limits in a stunningly beautiful landscape.

#inspiredby #berlin

“Once I have come up with an idea I’m like an arrow shooting towards its execution.” Polina is inspired by Berlin and she in turn makes it even more inspiring by enchanting walls and facades with her beautiful murals. Let her show you a city full of art.

#inspiredby #tokyo

Who would have thought that a German dance music duo would dream of Tokyo? Captain Capa dive into a culture that has been a passion for them throughout their youth. Discover Tokyo through their wide-open eyes.

Does #GermanXmas inspire you?

Christmas is a special time of the year all over the world, but especially in Germany since practically every city there has their own Christmas market. We invited three bloggers to experience the festivities, German style: Shivya (India), Mandy (China) and Dew (Korea) got the chance to visit Dresden, Cologne, Berlin and the magical town of Rothenburg. 

The expert bloggers from http://reisenblogger-kollektiv.com hit the markets with them, ready to answer all their questions about “Räuchermännchen” and “Glühwein”! Check out their best moments here!

#inspiredby #orlando

“In every city in this world you find a little bit of home.” Devin, First Class flight attendant, has found many homes, but he still likes one best. Travel with him, meet his family and take a stroll on Florida’s beaches.

#inspiredby #madrid

Inspired by the rhythm – both in the cabin and on the street: Ann, flight attendant and flamenco dancer, follows her passion to new and exciting places. Let her take you on a journey through Madrid’s lively streets and flamenco bars.

#inspiredby #hamburg

Flying and skateboarding are pretty similar. It’s all about getting a good takeoff and a good landing. Meet Joe Hill, 25, professional skateboarder.